Who Is Ready For Farm Fresh Produce

ve1Who is ready for some farm fresh produce just outside your back door? I am!!! I just planted seedlings for 28 vegetable plants and in about 1 to 3 weeks they will be ready to place in my TOWER GARDEN..and then in 4 weeks I will have a full garden ready to begin harvesting!! I can’t wait!!!

So, You ask, what is a TOWER GARDEN? It is a hydroponic and aeroponic vertical gardening system for the patio, poolside, deck or rooftop.

Compared to traditional gardening, it is HEALTHIER..better tasting, better looking, better smelling and convenient to eat more fruits and vegetables… right outside your door!

It is EASIER…no WEEDING, no TILLING, no KNEELING or even getting dirty! It is Easy to assemble and maintain  and  with no soil and weeds and no ground pests to worry about! Best of all,  with the AEROPONIC Growing System, plants grow in less time than it would normally  take to grow in the soil! Plants are grown in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Both water and air produce better tasting and  more nutritious fruits and vegetables. It is better  than organic!!

And the Tower Garden is SMARTER! It is Healthier for you and the environment. You grow more and save more and it is eco-friendly. It is designed to last a lifetime. It is the greener side of health as it recycles 100% of its nutrients and water and reduces need for space. The plants use less than 10% of both the water and land that are commonly used in conventional gardening.

So… I encourage you to eat local: from TOWER to TABLE!! It is tough to get more local than your own backyard!

ve2Check out my Tower Garden website: http://vickieverett.towergarden.com and give me a call to get your Tower Garden started!  Vicki Everett  205-332-5255


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