Standing Out in a Crowd

Standing-OutSitting in a busy airport in Austin, I’m enjoying catching my breath after a month of three conferences.  Can’t help but watch all the people walking by in a hurry.  Everyone is so different.  Their clothes; some are in suits, some in jeans, some are wearing jogging suits, and some people barley have any clothes on at all.  They all carry themselves differently; some walk with purpose knowing where they are headed, some look lost with no direction. And, the shoes, wow.  Some people have comfortable shoes, some are wearing flip flops because of security, and even though there is a lot of hurried walking in airports, some decide no matter what they will not sacrifice their own style and are wearing VERY high heels. Noticing all of this got me grinning a bit because I am always reminded of how special and unique every one of us is. 

As a business coach, I look for those special traits; the skills that really set you a part from every other living human on the planet. You have amazing capabilities that no one else possesses.  You have a different background, a different perspective, and experiences.  When you realize your special talents, you can begin to build a better business that’s profitable and a lot more enjoyable.

Because I have a passion for seeing people succeed at a high level, I do everything I can to make it happen for YOU.  When we break through your insecurities, throw out the negative issues that have been plaguing you, STOP focusing on what you’re not good at doing, and start discovering all the value you have to offer as a person and as a business person, your life is going to change and in a BIG way! 

written by Genny Williams


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