Homes are Selling

Who said homes aren’t selling???  From those of us who work in the real estate industry every day, let me just say… Well cared for homes ARE selling! 

Just ask Gary and Stacy Hudson.  We recently put Stacy’s fathers home on the market and sold it in 4 days.

Next we found them the perfect home for their empty nester years.  A month later, the home where they raised their boys was ready for the market.

Here are the steps we followed to get their home sold in less than 2 months:

  1. Our famous “homework list” (and Gary always gets an A on his homework)
  2. Priced the home competitively (after completed homework, we were actually able to price it a little higher than expected)
  3. Provided access to the home for every showing
  4. Worked even offers that were far apart
  5. Negotiated a favorable offer – we are SOFT negotiators (read about it in Genny Williams new book coming out soon)
  6. Gave (a little) in the inspection process
  7. Successfully closed on their home

…and there are many more stories just like this in recent months.  Need to buy or sell your home?   Call us anytime at 205-427-3486 or email us at

written by: Kira Craft

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