Gray is the New Neutral

GreyGray is the New Neutral…  OK, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that gray is cold and dreary and “What could those designers possibly be thinking?”  They are thinking WARM Gray and they aren’t just thinking it, they are doing it in some of the most beautiful rooms we have seen in a while.

Benjamin Moore boasts my favorite gray at the moment.  It is called Thunder and as you can see from the picture, it can be used very successfully with warm creams and dark rich browns.

I’m in love with the feeling of this room.  I can imagine this room with almost any of my clients favorite colors used in fabrics, paintings, rugs and more to make it fit their own personality.  So…don’t be afraid to try a little warm gray in your favorite spaces.

Always keep your home updated!  It is so much easier to do small things, one at a time, than doing everything at once in a mad dash to get it on the market.  What is the least expensive way to make your home shine?  Updated color!

Don’t tell your husband I told you this trick, but if he is procrastinating on getting a paint job done, just do what I did…paint a big strip down the middle of the wall a week before having his friends over!  Bet he’ll get it done then!  Beats having to explain to the boys!!! wink, wink!

I love my home!  I hope you do too! But if not, I might know someone who can help!

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