Come Clean With Your Makeup

Make up drawerWhen’s the last time you cleaned out your makeup stash? I mean, REALLY took a deep clean to your products, your drawer bottoms, makeup bags and your brushes?

Turn up the music, get a trash bag handy and let’s get to work. Below are a few pointers to help you along the way….

1. Toss – let’s check expirations. Just like food, your cosmetics and skin care have a shelf life of their own. Throw it away if it’s past expiration. Also…just like with clothing and shoes, if you haven’t worn it in a year – toss it, you probably won’t ever wear it, and you need the space!  Ditch the old foundation sponges too.

2. Clean –  get out the cleaning supplies and deep clean your drawer bottoms, toss makeup bags in the washer (if washable) or wipe them down with cleaner and cloth. Clean compact systems as well.  Clean your brushes too with a deep cleanser (if you aren’t tossing them due to wear and tear).  Try to clean them after each use daily with the Mary Kay® Brush Cleaner before storing – especially in your brush set bag to avoid a mess. Remember, your Mary Kay® Brush Collection bag is machine washable!

3. Organize & Re-stock- So, you have tossed the old, and tossed what you don’t wear – let’s re-stock with some fresh colors for spring in an organized fashion.  If you don’t have much counter or drawer space– try stashing your goodies in the Mary Kay® Travel Roll Up Bag and hang it on a towel hook or over a door.  I like to keep one packed with my fall/winter cosmetics and skin care – and one packed with my spring/summer cosmetics and skin care. (I have a roll up bag for everything)** extra tip: makes for a great home first aid supply bag!

Have fun with it…look at it as an inaugural day to explore what you have and most importantly make room for some new. I mean, who doesn’t love a fresh perfectly sculpted tube of lipstick?

Posted on the Mary Kay Website by Jennifer Harris, Manager of US Product Marketing.

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