Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is here and a few tips to keep you current and cool! If you struggle with the heat and humidity, there are a few products that are a must have! The New Finishing Spray is amazing! After your makeup is applied—you […]

9 Actions Every Family Should Take

Today’s families take many different shapes, from more traditional “married with children” family units to less traditional households such as blended families, domestic partners with children and single parents. Unfortunately, our legal system and tax structure haven’t kept pace with […]

Integrated Listening

Integrated Listening (iLs) is one of our new services offered at Child’sPlay Therapy Center.  Children who would benefit from iLs include those who struggle with concentration/attention, reading, auditory processing, sensory regulation, and motor coordination.  Integrated listening is based on the […]

Spring Clean a Closet

Look around your home. How much “stuff” do you have? Downsizing, clutter, and work-life balance are all current buzz words. While each have a unique definition, they all relate to a feeling of overwhelm in our everyday lives. Did you […]

Dated Dinosaurs

“In today’s business environment, those who chose to learn will inherit the earth. Those who refuse will find themselves adequately equipped for a world that no longer exists.” Sean Key             Trends and technology are […]