A European Trend In Housing…

front of glenstoneA few years ago, My husband and I turned a very large French Brick Barn into our home.  I LOVED every minute of it!  We lived there about 2 years,. I got everything just like I wanted it including a 9 foot farm table built from the wood and gates of the previous stalls with French chairs and a Bench that made it very “upscale rustic”.

It had been featured in several publications and THEN….I got the call.  It was my sweet husband on the line.  He said, “Hi, do you have a contract with you?”  “Yes”, I replied, “why?”     He then proceeded to inform me that a property with a small cottage home on three acreage that he had admired was on the market and we were going to sell our house and buy it.  Before you think he was being controlling, let me tell you he is the best husband a girl could every wish for and I trust him.  That being said, I struggle sometimes with the “S” word and “submitting” to this was not in my heart at the moment.  After all, he had not even seen the inside of the cottage.

Very soon – my “Barn home” was on the market and was under contract as someone elses dream home and we were “downsizing” to the cottage which we practically gutted to make our own.  I did a little kicking and wanted to do some screaming, but I have to say, it is one of the best decisions we have made as a family.  We LOVE our smaller home and all the great outdoor spaces that we have created since then.

We are not alone in loving our small home.  This is a trend we are seeing as realtors in the United States, as families seek to be better stewards of their resources.  The Europeans beat us to it and some of the ideas they have created are unbelievably awesome!  Smaller square footage coupled with outdoor living spaces that extend the home are definitely in vogue and becoming more so all the time.  Take a look at a few amazing upscale/downsized spaces…becoming increasingly popular here and rightly so…..

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Credits for photographs and awesome sights to visit are: www.houzz.com and www.smallhousebliss.com

In Alabama – watch for an emerging company called “Upscale Spaces” for small homes and cabins,  studios, extra garages, guest homes, dining barns, salon spaces, pool houses, play spaces, meeting rooms, mancave studios and more! Featuring Exteriors that boast, Upscale Rustic, Traditional and Modern Exteriors with amazing details!

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P.S. Take a look at these great spaces that I found on Houzz, and let me know what you think.






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