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    1 Year Participation $350
    After a completed application is submitted to PROPS, we will contact you for an interview.  Once the interview process is complete and payment is received, your directory information will be added to the website.
    Upon acceptance to PROPS, I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics during the tenure of my participation in the organization:

    1. I promise to promote a positive and supportive attitude with PROPS members.
    2. I promise to provide only qualified referrals to PROPS members.
    3. I promise to take responsibility for following up on PROPS referrals given to me.
    4. I promise to provide quality services & products at all times.
    5. I promise to live by the ethical standards of my profession.

    I hereby declare and certify that all statements contained in this application and any accompanying documents are true and correct, and that any misrepresentation or false statement may be grounds for rejecting my application or, if discovered after my application has been accepted, subject to immediate termination at PROPS’s discretion without any reimbursement. I further understand that my membership is conditional and I agree, accept and will abide by all the terms and conditions set forth herein and those contained within the PROPS Policies, Guidelines and Code of Ethics.
    Membership to the PROPS organization is not guaranteed and can be withdrawn based on the sole discretion of PROPS at anytime.
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